The MCT5000H/6000H CNC Tool & Cutter Grinder is the most cost-effective and flexible 5/6 axis advanced CNC Tool & Cutter Grinder. It comes with a built-in conversational programming manual for tool grinding program building block and G code programming is also providing the flexibility for customers’ special tool grinding.

The MCT5000H/6000H is autoloader capable and it also has the ability to provide the option of 3D touch probe for tool regrinding.

The MCT5000H/6000H is capable of grinding rotary tools, from end-mills, reamers, burrs, drill bits, broaches, step drills, saw blades, and various kinds of custom form tools. The limitation is your imagination.

The videos on the right hand side demonstrates the MCT5000H/6000H machine grinding 1/2″ 4 flute carbide endmills and 3/4″ 6 flute counter bores with auto-loader.