MCT has been providing various models of CNC tool and cutter grinding machines for the woodworking industries to manufacture and regrinding woodworking cutting tools such as compression bit, wood routing bit, carbide inserts for crown molding cutting and circular carbide tipped saw blades, etc.

In today’s fast paced and demanding world of business, speed, efficiency, precision and waste reduction are vital in manufacturing high-quality products. For business owners in the woodworking industry, replacing manual machinery with CNC machinery is often the necessary step that allows them to achieve these goals.

For woodwork that requires a high level of cutting accuracy, or involves numerous sorts of cuts, CNC machines are the ideal solution. They have a cutting exactness of 0.000″ – 0.001″, as measured by a dial gauge. Conveying this precision are refined cutter heads that can cut on three tomahawks, five tomahawks, or more. This accuracy saves companies money by reducing waste.

CNC machines can also execute intricate designs that manual machines can’t. CNC millers and routers routinely perform intricate millwork and cutouts for furniture, the kind of work that used to be done manually and was reserved only for premium products. But thanks to CNC woodworking machines, these intricate designs are now widely available. Production quality is also now easier to maintain since CNC machines take the human error factor out of production.

Indeed, the CNC technology has revolutionized the woodworking industry. Because there’s no limit to the designs that industry professionals can produce with a CNC machine, it has allowed them to take their art to an entirely different level!

Our CNC machines can easily process any kind of material for the production of cabinet parts, furniture and furniture frames, mantles, dovetail drawers, decorative carvings, and virtually anything else you can imagine.

If you’re considering adding a CNC machine to your production processes, or if you’re interested in learning more about MCT CNC machines, feel free to contact us.