MCT has been providing fully automated CNC PCD insert grinding machines for the oil drilling industry with exceptional, cost-effective, and highly productive of grinding millions of oil drilling inserts with the corner chamfer, corner radius, cone shaped, and ball nose, etc.

CNC Machines in the energy, oil, and gas industry are the backbone of their success and require the utmost quality and safety. Machine Control Technologies, Inc. prides itself on being a leader in technology, quality, safety, and precision, especially in regards to oil and gas field equipment and underground mining machinery. We provide CNC machining solutions designed to deliver exceptional strength, accuracy, and productivity.

Our CNC machines are known for standing strong and stable even when threading long lengths of pipe at high rates of speed. We are the industry’s only domestic manufacturer of multiple models of 5 to 8-axis CNC machines. Everything is made here in the United States. We manufacture the entire CNC machining system, including the machine, drive, motors, encoders, spindle and control, providing a synergistic system that delivers greater reliability and higher performance.

Machine Control Technologies, Inc. is a key provider of advanced CNC machine tools and CNC controls to a wide variety of industries that demand speed, precision, durability, quality, and reliability in all their manufacturing equipment, especially in the oil drilling industry. Whatever industry you are in, we have a system that will enhance your manufacturing requirements.

So if you’re looking to add to or improve your oil drilling equipment, or if you’re interested in learning more about MCT CNC machines, feel free to contact us.