MCT has been providing CNC tool and cutter grinding machines for the medical industry to manufacture surgical tools such as multiple flutes flexible hollow drills, solid drills, dental drills with the size down to 0.015”. MCT would also produce custom made machines to fit their needs.

The medical industry benefits the most from the precision, efficiency and speed of CNC machining. With human lives sometimes at stake, quality, reliability and repeatability are critical to the production and success of medical products, devices and prosthetics. That is why quality CNC precision machining has carved out a very important place for itself in the medical manufacturing industry.

Medical applications allow absolutely no room for inaccuracies. Whether ensuring the correct fit for prosthetic devices or requiring a high degree of accuracy to prevent interference with other critical bodily functions for internally implanted devices, there is little to no margin for error for devices designed to interact seamlessly with the human body.

Quite literally, lives and livelihoods depend on precise high-quality machining of both the instruments used in the medical field as well as parts implanted in patients, not to mention the supporting medical equipment where reliability is paramount.

Machine Control Technologies, Inc. is a key provider of advanced CNC machine tools and CNC controls to a wide variety of industries that demand precision, durability, quality, and reliability in all their manufacturing equipment.  Our CNC machines and CNC controls are used in many different manufacturing purposes in the medical industry.

If you are looking to add to or improve your medical products manufacturing equipment, or if you want to optimize your value chain right from the very start of the production process using MCT CNC machine tools and CNC controls, feel free to contact us.