MCT has been providing various models of CNC tool and cutter grinding machines for the automobile industries to manufacture and regrinding automobile cutting tools such as end mills, reamers, step drills, engraving tools, inserts, form tools on materials such as PCD, CBN, carbide, and high-speed steel.

Anywhere you look, you will find CNC machines that can complete tasks without human intervention, computers being programmed to carry out the repetitive actions that humans once used to do themselves.

The automotive industry is one that has been forever changed by CNC machines, which have made it possible for hundreds of identical automotive parts to be mass produced to the highest of specifications in a fraction of the time it took some decades ago. These CNC machines can be rotary, horizontal, vertical, or can consist of milling lathes, all controlled by a computer that has been programmed by the experts to perform a specific task.

The intelligent technology used by these CNC lathes and grinders, and the ability to add synchronized tools to work stations means that one machine can be used for making a wide variety of car parts, a simple change to the programming allows for dozens of different car parts to be made by one machine in one single day. But CNC machines are not just about speed and automation. They are also about accuracy and precision, making human error on the production line a thing of the past.

MCT is a key provider of advanced CNC machine tools and CNC controls to a wide variety of industries that demand precision, durability, quality, and reliability in all their manufacturing equipment.  

If you’re looking to add to or improve your automotive parts manufacturing equipment or if you’re interested in learning more about MCT CNC machines, feel free to contact us.