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Regrinding – Cutting Tool Companies

Regrinding; CNC Tool Regrinding Machines Are you searching for a CNC Tool Cutter Grinder that can reduce your company’s cutting tool manufacturing/regrinding costs? Machine Control Technologies MCT 5000 Series Tool & Cutter Grinder machines specialize […]

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For over 25 years Machine Control Technologies, Inc. has been providing high quality, precision engineering solutions to the exacting standards and tolerances demanded by the aerospace, automotive, engineering and machining industries around the world. One […]


7 Uncompromising Must-Haves for Your Next CNC Tool Grinder

7 Uncompromising Must-Haves for Your Next CNC Tool Grinder By: Machine Control Technologies, Inc. 1. Precision Repeatability 2. Outstanding Manufacturer Support for both CNC control & Grinding Machine 3. Operator-Friendly CNC & Machine functionality 4. […]

MCT 5000 Series Machines

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Rotary Tool Grinder

Machine Control Technologies MCT 5000H Rotary Tool Grinder allows you to create a spiral flute, straight flute, primary & secondary reliefs, end & radius, counter-sink relief and step OD grinding from a blank tool with […]



MCT 5000 Series Tool & Cutter Grinder machines. Complete tool grinding capacity from 3/32” to 1-1/8″. Three inch/minute for solid carbide in one pass flute grinding. Fully automatic with 3D probing including customized auto-loader capabilities […]

MCT 5000I PCD Inserts Grinder

PCD Insert Grinder Machine

Machine Control Technologies MCT 5000I CNC Controlled PCD Insert Grinder machine provides 7 to 8 axis freedom of movement and adjustment to accomplish a variety of PCD Tool Geometry grinding. The MCT 5000I is equipped with […]